Monday, September 9, 2019

Staying indoors

Since it's raining all week ,  I'm spending some time on my indoor jobs. Like pulling out over grown plants from the terrariums . Which really is a fiddly job . I don't have huge hands , but I feel ham fisted . Probably I need some sort if long tweezers .
The make shift vivarium got rearranged ...again . A few things added , a few things removed .  I chased a fly out , or I think it's out , it kept hiding from me....

I've got tiny blooms in the vivarium

And  seedlings
Orchids with bloom buds 

An  odd planting structure I made . 

So far all is well in my  subterranean world  . 

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  1. Oh how interesting! You got some great pictures. I can't grow anything inside the house. For some reason, my green thumb won't go through the front door.