Monday, July 9, 2018

Welcome to the pottery shed

Finally I'm making use of my shed . After clearing cleaning and painting the thing  a few years ago , I  just left it . When recently I started collecting miniature Orchids and mini Gesneriads . I needed small pots .Japanese Orchids ( Neofineta falcata or wind orchids)  need  specialist  pots.  If I wanted them in the Kokedama style.
Well , I've decided I can make my own . I haven't attempted pottery since the 1970's ! 

I loved pottery when I was doing it in school. But  have  not had time or space for it since. I would never had thought it would be so easy to get started again . Thank you... 'Georgies pottery and ceramics' in Portland  for firing at such a  reasonable price.

And so few tools needed...

Suddenly I have so many pots 

Here we are after our biscuit firing. Now to glaze ! This was more of an unknown to me. I remember not liking the glazes that much .
I just quickly slapped three coats on . Some I tried overlapping and a few other  ideas. I took notes on the technique for each pot . The pots are all numbered on the base , so I can tweak things next time.

And here are my Neofinetia falcata  in  my first pots . 


  1. I am so impressed! You go girl...

  2. I am so impressed with your talent. Those are some very nice pots -- textures and colors and feet and everything.

  3. Wow! Such nice pots. Like you, I played with pottery in the 70's and often think that it would be fun to make my own pots again but you've actually done it. Impressive! Do you think you'll get hooked on creating and start selling your creations?

    1. I 've made 26 pots so far ! I may have to start selling or I'll run out of space for them all .