Thursday, March 15, 2018

Garden Blogger's bloom Day for March

I must always start my March GBBD with the  Santa  Rosa plum . It takes up the width of the back garden , which I'm grateful for come summer !

I think this is the only plant ( outdoor) I've bought so far this year...unheard of , I know !   And I've lost the tag .  Primula  something or other, from Joy Creek Nursery .

Primula vulgaris

Another Primula Vulgaris , another lost tag .

Wind flowers are throwing themselves about the garden .

I took photos of the next four single Narrcissi that I found in different places around the garden. Hoping that they would all be different . But  no ...they  look all the same . Someone has been moving bulbs ...

Just to annoy me...

I'll have to dig them all up to make one clump .

I think it looks pathetic ...odd single bulbs everywhere.

At least this one is different.

This must be a mini bought for indoors , then planted out .

Same with this Hyacinth.

Muscari ...just everywhere .

Cerinthe Major ...everwhere  .

Japanese flowering Quince
The Brunnera starting to bloom

Kerria Japanica has been blooming all winter.

I'm not a great fan of Pieris , But I love wavy leaves ! So here is Pieris Japaonica 'Crispa ' 

I seem to be getting more and more careless with plant tags ! Euphorbia NOID planted last year.

And lastly ... is that a bloom on my Cosmos seedling ?
Need more Spring blooms visit our host Carol.


  1. These are like coming attractions to me, living in the snow zone. Thank you for the sneak peak of spring, and happy GBBD!

    1. I hope you spring comes soon ! We've only had one snow storm this year ! Happy Bloom day !

  2. Beautiful flowers, and the Santa Rosa Plum is gorgeous
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

    1. Lea, I'm hoping for plenty of plums this year ! It had a rest last year . Happy Bloom day !

  3. Your one bulb here, one bulb there story made me laugh - I have something similar going on in my garden. Who do I blame? The squirrels, maybe? Anyway, that Cerinthe is so dark it looks black. Love that! I didn't know they bloom this early!

    1. Anne, Those odd bulbs annoy me when I see them in other peoples gardens . They always look sad and forgotten. I'll have to gather them up ... Those squirrels .
      Cerinthe seedlings often get killed off in bad winters , but not this year !

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Philip ! I rushed around snapping , lots of blurry ones .

  5. Such a delight to see all these spring blooms! Here in my part of the Midwest, we are still waiting for something to bloom.