Friday, September 15, 2017

September Blooms....

I was going to run around and snap pictures of my blooms . Then I realized it would be mostly Asters  ! Sorry Asters  I do appreciate you.
So, instead I have two new blooms from my resent trip to Cistus nursery ! They are still in pots , which is highly unusual , I like to get things in the ground straight away  !
Monardella macrrantha 'Marion Sampson' , I'm not sure where Marion would be happy yet ! She likes VERY  good drainage
But likes a little drink in summer. Zone 7 , so no problem . 

Salvia pachyphylla also still in it's pot , I'm really slacking ....
Happy Gardeners Blooms day !
Thank you Carole  at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Monardella macrrantha 'Marion Sampson' is such a cool plant. I grabbed one at Fred Meyer (really) and threw it in a really dry sunny spot in my garden and it's doing okay. Hope both yours and mine make it through the winter! Happy GBBD!

  2. Salvia pachyphylla is really pretty! I hope you find nice spots for them. They'll be great additions to your gorgoeous gardens.

  3. Nice choices. I just discovered that Monardella and brought one home. Planting weather coming up...hooray!

  4. I've decided Marion is too orange for me. I'll be passing it on to a willing recipient. That lovely Salvia just can't seem to get rooted in my garden. I want to give it another go though. I love it so much. Great photos! I too am usually good about getting my newbies in the ground but I'm way behind this year. It was 86 degrees yesterday and Wednesday! Too hot for doing much gardening. Crazy weather.

    1. I love an orange and pink combo ! Marion is very orange , I think I'll keep her as a container plant for awhile . I like her raised up a bit.