Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Panache, Lattarula, Petite Negri, Condaria, Mary Lane …my new family of figs I adopted from a neighbor at the end of last summer.  That and my two other potted figs: Brown turkey and Crusader should keep us well supplied with figgie delights.

I've been keeping a look out for bud growth.  All but one , the first one I repotted ,  are looking good.  I think I was a bit aggressive with the root pruning on my first one.

Now if we could just have a nice long hot summer.


  1. The gophers did some serious root pruning on ours. It is still trying to recover...one fig last year, ceremonial eating of the fig. One day I hope to be overwhelmed by the harvest.

    1. Our next door neighbor has a tree full of figs every year…they never pick them . I always try to reach a few .

  2. That's a happy family of figs, you got there! My brown turkey fig produced last summer for the first time. And the ants almost beat me too them!