Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Too much of a good thing ….

My shaking Cerinthe major plants all over bare patches last year really worked ….  many, many new plants,. Too many , I think even the for-get-me nots will find it a tight fit this year. 

This is after I'd begun to pull the mushy ones out. 

I'll  leave these by the fence line. Quite useful ground cover.

A rethink in order.


  1. I was seduced by those dusky Cerinthe flowers, planted ONE, which promptly dies. The next year the whole area was filled with its seedlings. A slow learner, I planted one last summer...wondering what spring will bring.

  2. Hi Linda. I started three of them from seed, planted them out and now they're mushy. Dang. Oh well. I hope you'll post photos when they're blooming so I can enjoy them vicariously. :)