Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Once,twice, three times ….the pond.

This was taken , just a year or so ago. After we/I decided the pond that I had  dug and lined was too small ; and just not good enough. So, We got a bigger stock tank , dug a BIG hole and dropped the tank in …much better.

This year I decided , maybe it would be much better to have the tank raised a bit. Turned out to be a much bigger operation then I'd imagined ….sorry Philip . 

But, now it's done, in just two grueling days . I think it's better...


  1. Looks good...and Phillip can skip the gym.

  2. Much better raised up just a bit. Love it. Sorry it was such hard work for Philip.

  3. I don't know, I like it both ways. Kudos to you for your design prowess and for Philip for his brawn. And you for your picture taking! Lovely photos. (A tip for your comment on my clematis post--water! Clematis like moist soil. Compost is good too of course but I got into a regimen of watering them a lot this year and it really helped them thrive. I'm using the pocket hoses and they're fantastic. So much easier than lugging that heavy old-school hose around.)

    1. Grace, Thank you for the Clematis tip. I've been moving them as near to the water hose as I can . I'll have to google pocket hose .

  4. I like it better raised too - it looks great!