Thursday, July 30, 2015

A few new blooms

I've been out every morning, since seeing Ricki's  Knophofia 'percey's pride' bloom
And this week , a bloom ! I've been counting on Percy to give my other wise low loose planting a bit of weight. I divided the plant I got from Ricki  into half a dozen . This is the only bloom so far , but the plants have beefed up plenty, now a few more spikes …please. 

The other new bloom, Rudbeckia 'cherry brandy' which is the burgundyish color I've been after for this area . I made a few color planting mistakes; too purple in some cases , and some how lavander has popped up . The colors I what are: Yellow, white, pink , burgundy… no blues ,lavender, blue/purple.  You can see in the photo lots of lavender …my fault , I planted a Agastache 'golden jubilee' ; and the origano planted it self. I may have to revise my thinking .


  1. You gave Percy some perfect companions to make him look good. I'm sure he appreciates it.

  2. Your first photo belongs in a magazine. It's a seriously beautiful study in juxtaposing shapes and textures. I love it. 'Cherry Brandy' is such a dandy! (That just came to me. You're welcome.) I love this plant even though it seems I have to replace it every year. Some plants are worth it. ... Yeah I know what you mean about Oregano just popping up. It seems to have a mind of its own. Such is the fun of gardening. :) Great post.