Thursday, June 18, 2015

A happy grouping...

It's taken quite a few years of trying this and trying that , but I like this years planting. In the past I've had trouble with floppy thugs , spilling over the neighboring plants : Artemisia , Nepeta , both have had to move …not good neighbors

 Teurium hircanicum 'paradise delight' on the right have been no trouble , such a nice neat clump  , bendy purple flower spikes going in all directions. It's even self seeded , but not too many!
Eryngium 'Miss Willmot's ghost' , one of the first things I planted.  Then we have Achillea ptarmica' the pearl' planted from seed last year ,  now a much heftier clump. lychnis coronaria 'occulta' also from seed . And poppies many poppies 

And when the poppies are finished . I see Aster laterflorus' prince ' taking the reins .


  1. I love the purple poppy with the silvery Miss Wilmott's Ghost!