Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A favorite...

Rosa chinensis 'Angel rose' must be my favorite seedling ever !  


  1. Linda, I'm so sorry for being away from your beautiful blog for so long! When I saw your seedling I thought, hmm, that looks like my Angel Rose seedlings. And then reading your caption made my heart skip a beat. I had this plant blooming for a few years, then moved it and it died. My new seedlings will be treated much better. Best of luck on yours. We must compare notes throughout the summer.

    1. Grace, I've missed you !
      These are my first Angel roses. I'm really exited to see how they get on. I am using one of them as a Bonsai . In fact , I couldn't wait any longer , I've potted the tiny thing in a tiny pot, with moss and gravel . The moss is almost taller than the Rose !
      I'll check to see how yours is getting on too.