Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A bloom…at last

     I remember planting these Erythronium bulbs , many years ago. I was looking forward to many multiplying clumps . I planted two : 'Pagoda' and this one 'Dens -canis' .                                                                     
       'Pagoda' bloomed the first year and every year since  but never really flourished.
 Dens-Canis would always appear with it's mottled little leaves ,but never a bloom..                                        
     Last year I dug the bulbs up and plopped them  under a fat clump of Hellebores.  Still no blooms. But, as I was cutting the old foliage from the Hellebore , what should appear ….these sweet blooms!


  1. That is a happy surprise and such a beautiful bloom!

  2. We had a swath of the white pagoda trout lilies where I grew up. They multiplied yearly. My own experience here is more like yours. These blasted plants do have minds of their own, but, as Jenni says, what a happy surprise when they do decide to put out.

    1. Rickii, That's what I was imagining " a swath"... maybe one day.