Monday, September 22, 2014

Yet more frontier to conquer..

I always refer to part of the front garden; as " The last frontier" ,  having spent two years digging out Vinca Major and various other weedy things. Since then I've discovered  more areas that need seeing to: like this, the shade garden. Since I 've been sprucing up the shed all summer. I've discovered a good area of available  planting space. That was after pulling out a row of very dead Aborvitae ,  that lead to having a grouping of old Lilacs cut down…sorry. I know it looks worse, but I have plans. The neighbors  only recently put up the wooden fence, it used to be just wire fencing, not private enough.

No Lilacs, no Abovritae , and no Hydranga Queciflia …sorry I had to be ruthless . It looks awfully bare and dusty; but this will be a small shady seating area , very much needed , I realized this summer. 

As I have been spending a lot of time in the further reaches of the shade garden , I thought…  the Forsythia !  
With much digging , hacking, snipping , sawing and pulling , I've got even more space. I've even got a Schefflera and a Podocarpus badly needing  a shady home . so, on it goes !


  1. The plans in our heads excuse all sorts of brutal behavior. Dig on!

  2. Your ruthlessness will pay off in the end! I'm still pulling suckers from a lilac I thought I'd done in last year.

    1. But I haven't dug out the Lilac , maybe I should ?