Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Autumn inspiration...

Having sat around all summer , just enjoying and making notes of things I wanted to change. Now the time for action .

This area I've never liked . With the Honeysuckle growing on the shed .  Wrapping itself around the Fig , which never seemed very happy in this spot.

So, I just pulled it out ! easier than I expected , it came out in one good hard tug .

It's moving South ! the south facing part of the garden .

And in it's place... can you see it ? Something I've had my eye on a long time ...Mimosa 'Chocolate Summer'  !

I think it will be happy and make a big mess of pink blooms  . And probably grow  as fast as my Acacia . And  much taller than the twenty feet claimed on the tag . But I've become such a dab hand at pruning. What a lovely canopy it will create in the summer ! 


  1. I have that same sort of urge to move things around in the fall, after plotting all summer :-)

  2. What a lovely choice as a replacement.

  3. I can vouch for 'Chocolate Summer' growing fast and getting big (sadly, not in my own garden).
    I didn't notice you doing very much sitting around. Guess you have the knack of any smart employee...looking busy.