Friday, August 30, 2013

Wall of grass...

Blooming Panicum virgatum'Shenandoah' and Tetrapanax 

It took a few planting trails to get this long brick planter at the front of the house right. I tried a few  things I had around firstly : Shasta dasies, no good,  flopped foward to catch the sun. Wire vine , no... too messy and tangled  with the planting on the other side of the planter.  Now, I would have loved giant Agave or huge Phoriums , but not in my zone.  So , Panicum got the job, and well done !

These days the Tetrapanex are stealing the limelight.


  1. Panicum looks good there and you're right, the Tetrapanax is quite a scene stealer!

  2. The Panicum and the Tetrapanax look great together!

  3. The Euphorbia wulfenii was a hard act to follow, but you pulled it off.