Thursday, May 9, 2013

Some seedy success...

My little stash of future fillers for all those gaps left after I pull the For-get-nots  and the tulips have wilted , which they have .

Of course all the trouble I take , carefully labeling each tray , falls by the wayside with each potting on. So now I'm not really sure , but I hope this is DIANTHUS ' Fringed pink Rainbow loveliness' . When I opened the packet these seeds were so few and so microscopic that I had a lot of trouble , first getting them out, then trying to sow them thinly ...because I could hardly see them . 

Now this one , which is just now taking off, Amaranth ' Chinese Giant Orange...very exciting ...but I can't decide were to plant this 3 ft tall orange beauty?

Salpiglossis sinuata ' Kew blue' , quite a few of these . I 've never grown these or owned these, so I have no idea . Sowing time was Mid Jan - MId March , so I just made it . with a few seeds left to sow later on. Probably these will over winter and bloom next year.

Vita Sackville- West said once planted  you will have Purple Mountain Orach forever selfseeding. Well I said ha to that last year. not one came back. But this year I've got half a dozen all in a group. And very welcome they are !

And lastly the goats ...not mine of course


  1. Every year I say, "No seeds, Grace. They're too much trouble!" And every year, I end up sowing several packets. There is something so alluring and magical about little specks turning into real live plants. Good luck with yours. They look great. Just don't let the goats get them. :)

    1. Grace, I say the same thing, it's all the mess of pots , trays and compost , but once I see those first little specks ,all is forgotten.
      I'll be looking out for your book!!!

  2. Hard to believe that those babies will fill out the garden in a month or two. I'm attracted to the magic of it all.

    1. Ricki, badly needed, as I have been pulling out and snipping off...