Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 2013 Bloomday...

January Bloomday always a challange , firstly to get myself out on a grey and miserable day, once out , where  are you
hiding? Here you are, tiny violet under the scraggly  Cerenthe Major .
And here looking a bit battle warn from several frosts , a few Bergenia blooms  tucked  under   the  protection of  the shruby growth.        
And finally a small clump of Iberis umbellata , not the most exciting plant , but so useful this time of year and so forgiving when constantly be trampled by rampaging  dogs.
And for more January Blooms visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens 


  1. Yay for a new blog! Looks fabulous, I love the header photo! To bad you can't import all your archives from the other platform.

  2. Lori, Such an adventure...new blog! I should be able to import my archives, just a bit nervous about it .

  3. Lovely new blog! This is the time of year I love iberis - yes, it's common, but fabulous in the cold drear of January!

  4. Jane, It feels like moving house, getting used to all these new widgets and gadgets!

  5. Love the new look, Linda...I hope you enjoy Blogger :-)